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The business resource for female entrepreneurs in the business of aging. My goal is to support women who want to make a difference working with older adults.

About Judi Bonilla

My name is Judi Bonilla and I often say, I was destined to be an aging expert. When I was growing up I noticed my parents were a decade older than my classmate’s. As the youngest child of older parents early on I observed the differences in parenting from my older siblings. This observation eventually turned into a career and passion to help other better understand aging.

A Diverse Background
The Aging Expert Bio

Notably, my experience includes aging services at the local area, research at the regional level, and an international reach through social media.

In fact, my focus is to connect these different sectors to improve the lives of older adults and their families.

Social Media for Professionals in Aging

For this reason, over a decade ago I launched my first website and soon after joined Facebook and then Twitter. By embracing social media early on I discovered platforms to share my vision on reframing aging. Since then I’ve adopted different platforms including podcasting and video blogging.By using social media I was able to connect with colleagues. In addition, I was able to reach a multigenerational market. My vision of an intergenerational approach to aging became a reality.

With growing momentum, I applied to speak at South by South West (SXSW). My topic? To ask Millennials to rethink aging. Then I asked, what if they lived to age 120? In a similar manner, Michelle Obama continued the conversation at SXSW a couple days later. When FLOTUS asked, Remember the 106-year-old woman, Ms. McLaurin, who was dancing with us? I told her, I want to be just like you! 106 and movin and groovin!

Then last January I wrote about changing age demographics. In particular, the data from Pew Research aging is officially a trend. Ultimately, I believe Boomers are the foundation of aging in America. Now, my work is to bring this message and collaborate with my peers through social media.