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The business resource for female entrepreneurs in the business of aging. My goal is to support women who want to make a difference working with older adults.

world emoji day

Do Older Adults Use Emojis?

World Emoji Day While scrolling through Twitter catching up on the latest news #WorldEmojiDay was trending. When I saw that in my news feed I knew I had to write this post and ask. Did you celebrate World Emoji Day with your clients? Whether you work as a service provider or develop programs for older adults communication is the ...

cats-explain-social-media-Social Media and Professionals in the Aging Industry

Social Media and Professionals in the Aging Industry

Twitter - Social Media and You In 2008 I got social and joined something called Twitter. While I didn't quite get Twitter I thought it might be a way to share my message about aging. Now eight years later I know this platform has been instrumental in changing my life. As well as the lives of others. Which is the Right ...

Social Media Calendar

Celebrate April Awareness Events for Older Adults

Hello April While April showers bring May flowers, the month also offers ways to connect with older adults. From Earth Day to Tax Day you can share valuable content to your clients, volunteers, and donors. Earlier this year I created a calendar to help my American Society on Aging colleagues schedule their content. How to Use ...