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The business resource for female entrepreneurs in the business of aging. My goal is to support women who want to make a difference working with older adults.

Launching Master Your Mindset Series With Gary Loper

Launching the Master Your Mindset Series with @GaryLoper

Episode 7 Meet Mindset Coach Gary Loper Joining me for the Master Your Mindset Series is my colleague Gary Loper. Gary brings 25 years of personal development and life coaching to the conversation. He is known as an expert in building better relationships with teams, clients, prospects and most importantly you. Gary’s ...

Small Business Reboot Summary

SMALL BUSINESS REBOOT SERIES – Highlights of Summer Boot Camp

Episode 6 – Business Reboot Series If you ever wanted just the facts this episode is just for you. By summarizing the tools and resources in one episode you can fast-forward on your reboot. Then when you're read go back and listen to the previous five episode for complete details. What You Will Hear SMART Goals ...

Build professional connections


Episode 5 - Build Professional Connections By building a network of professional connections you may find collaborative partnerships and clients. However, make time to strategically diversify your network. Hyper Local Connections When you build a local network you increase the potential resources and referrals. If you can't ...

Create an Editorial Calendar

SMALL BUSINESS REBOOT SERIES – Create an Editorial Calendar

Episode 4 - Calendar and Conquer Your Time When you document your activities you can maximize each event. Then reuse the information for writing and speaking efforts. The EdCAL The Editorial Calendar created in Google Sheets gives you an easy way to track upcoming events. By documenting your activities create a backlog for ...