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The business resource for female entrepreneurs in the business of aging. My goal is to support women who want to make a difference working with older adults.

Launching the Master Your Mindset Series with @GaryLoper

Launching Master Your Mindset Series With Gary Loper

Episode 7 Meet Mindset Coach Gary Loper

Joining me for the Master Your Mindset Series is my colleague Gary Loper. Gary brings 25 years of personal development and life coaching to the conversation.

He is known as an expert in building better relationships with teams, clients, prospects and most importantly you. Gary’s enthusiasm and passion for coaching his clients become their best. While you have uncovered the why for your business. Now the conversation shifts to the next step. Gary asks What now?

In the Master Your Mindset series Gary will share his coaching process on transforming obstacles into plans and goals. He shares his advice for focusing on the future instead of analyzing the past.

Listen as we discover ways to identify your assets, redefine who you are, and release limiting beliefs. If you are in business for yourself at one time or another you will want to work through coping with the fear of failure, second-guessing yourself, and embracing discomfort as a sign of business and personal growth. One of the reasons for this series is to create awareness on the challenges of having a business and developing the skills to move you forward. While many think building a successful business is linear in reality circular model is more realistic. I think of it as a spacecraft increasing its orbit until it gets closer to the destination.

About Gary

Gary is a Certified Consultant with Bob Burg Intl., Go Giver Facilitator, a Certified YES! Energy Coach with Loral Langemeier, and a Platinum Certified Sales Trainer with Eric Lofholm International.

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