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PATTI CAKE$ The Movie Gerontologists & Caregiving Experts Must See

PATTI CAKE$ The New Face of Family Caregivers

Whenever I go to a movie my gerontology training comes with me. As a result, I analyze the potential impact a film can have on society. With this in mind, the movie PATTI CAKE$ is an opportunity to create awareness about the 10 Millennial caregivers.

What To Expect

Set in the hip hop world the aspiring rapper is sandwiched between side gigs, caregiving, and dodging debt collectors. Until now caregivers have been synonymous with adults daughters. Although these women make up the majority of caregivers there is a change. Now many 20-year-olds are looking after loved ones. In this case, PATTI CAKE$ is the primary caregiver for her wheelchair bound, chain smoking Nana.

Next Generation Caregivers

While some Millennials have the luxury of pursuing an education, travel or self-discovery others have family responsibilities. In PATTI CAKE$ we meet a white female rapper struggling in bleak circumstances to break into the hip hop scene with her bestie. Killa P’s dreams take a back seat as caregiving and earning money to pay for her Nana’s medical debt are the priority.

Caregiving Highlights

We watch PATTI CAKE$ snatch time to scribble lyrics between hustling side gigs. Struggle  In addition, as a caregiver she:

  1. Dispenses controlled substance prescriptions
  2. Prevents social isolation
  3. Contributes to medical expenses

Meanwhile, she visualizes her success as the successful Killa P and searches for a mad beat. We follow this unlikely rapper pursue her dreams, overcome cultural obstacles, all while caregiving. Life is complex and so are caregivers. The movie is raw, laced with profanity, and oh so real.

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